ECOLROMAT - European Congress on Rail Vehicle Coating
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Changing markets – new technologies:

Challenges in rail vehicle coatings

25 – 26 October 2016 | Nuremberg, Germany

The key question addressed at Ecolromat 2016 will be how manufacturers, operators and service providers can achieve the best possible surface quality while both schedules and budgets become ever tighter. Railway operators do not like to see their vehicles standing unproductively in the paint shop – and paint shop managers in industrial and repair plants are required to utilise their limited capacity as effectively and efficiently as possible. These challenges are exacerbated by the trend towards more customised materials and designs. In addition, travellers have growing expectations of the external appearance of their chosen means of transport.

The development and application of coatings for rail vehicles pose very specific challenges for everyone involved. Neither the demands these coatings face during daily operation nor the processes found in repair shops and plants for the construction of new vehicles are directly comparable with those in other industrial sectors.

Ecolromat 2016 is the only conference dedicated to rail vehicle coatings. It brings together employees from European railway maintenance facilities, their colleagues from the rail vehicles industry, representatives of the paint and coatings industry and plant construction companies as well as scientists and experts from other sectors to discuss solutions and exchange experiences.

Including guided tour of the paint shop at the DB Heavy Maintenance plant Nuremberg!

Questions which will be answered at Ecolromat 2016:
  • When are automated processes more efficient than manual alternatives and vice versa?
  • What is the best way to create customised designs?
  • Which new formulations offer help in the battle against graffiti and tunnel dust?
  • How can paint shop throughput times be improved?

Ecolromat offers visitors viable future strategies in the following areas:

Markets: Customer expectations
  • Growing customer expectations in terms of surface finishes
  • Customised finishes for rail vehicles
  • The ability to change regional designs whenever necessary
  • The ability to schedule coating processes and repairs over the lifetime of the vehicle
  • Current legal requirements and standards and their impact on coating technology
Plant concepts of tomorrow
  • Automated coating plants
  • Efficient manual coating techniques
  • Creating optimum climatic conditions in the paint shop
  • Better ergonomics for workers in the workplace
  • Solutions for transportation and parking in open-air sites
Chemistry: Better coatings and more
  • 1k or 2k paints
  • Where do powder coatings make sense in the rail vehicle sector?
  • Protective coatings for freight wagons
  • Which systems provide effective protection against graffiti and the cleaning agents used to remove it?
  • Special coatings for vehicle areas subject to exceptional stresses
Learning from others:
  • Coating removal using lasers
  • Inkjet printing for customised coatings
  • Films instead of paint
  • Could coating processes from the commercial vehicle and aviation industries provide a model for the rail vehicle sector?

The conference is aimed at:
Plant managers, operation managers, paint shop managers, those responsible in facilities run by railway operators and the rail vehicle industry; plant designers and coating specialists in supplying industries; consultants, scientists and everyone involved in coatings for rail vehicles.
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Programme coordinator:
Daniel Schilling | Editor besser lackieren.
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Daniel Schilling

Conference organisation:
Mareike Bäumlein | Event Manager
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Mareike Bäumlein



Jean Chrétien Grüninger
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