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On 6 and 7 May 2020, decision-makers in the field of rail vehicle coating will meet in Berlin/Germany for ECOLROMAT: The event offers you international workshops on relevant and up-to-date railway coating topics. Accompanied by selected keynote presentations (English with simultaneous translation by subtitle), you can evaluate current topics of railway coating on an international level in interactive discussions.

The presentations and workshops will cover among others

  •  Automation and efficiency
  • Innovative coatings
  • Cooperation between railway manufacturers, in-house coaters and contract coaters

Join the new ECOLROMAT impulse where the future of international rail vehicle coating is discussed in various workshops. Preparatory surveys, interactive elements and networking opportunities such as the get-together the evening before offer you the perfect framework for tackling current problems and tasks.

We look forward to meeting you!

Networking is at the heart of ECOLROMAT.

6 + 7 May 2020

The event is aimed at

  • Plant managers, operation managers, paint shop managers, those responsible in facilities run by railway operators and the rail vehicle industry

  • Contract coaters for rail vehicles or those who want to become one

  • Rail vehicle reconditioners and maintainers

  • Plant designers and coating specialists in supplying industries

  • Consultants, scientists and everyone involved in coatings for rail vehicles

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